House of Blue Skies announces release of “If I Must Leave”

You may have noticed that we’ve been quiet over here at blue skies poetry for the past while. While we both love our work at The House of Blue Skies, sometimes it takes a back seat to other parts of our lives — work, family, and other creative projects (most creative folks know how that goes).

We are thrilled to share one of those creative projects with you now: Angela has brought together a series of her “farm poems” into a chapbook.

no one wants poems about barb wire fences
and sky and the sound of the wind.
Silenced, I thought my words obsolete.
Yet when I come home, the river sings,
barley whispers and poems demand to be heard.
All I can do is promise to bear witness,
awed by those clear winter mornings –
that first lung-cutting inhalation a prayer –
as the sun illuminates snow-covered fields
and sets every tree ablaze with frost, and it is my all, my
everything, so commonplace and familiar.

Part love-song and part elegy, this collection explores Angela Kublik’s relationship with the land she grew up on, left, and is continually drawn back to. Gathered together for the first time in If I Must Leave, these poems bear witness to both the beauty and the challenges of life on her family’s Alberta farm.

We would love to share this chapbook with you. To order a copy, please click on the PayPal button below (the $12.00 cover price includes shipping in Canada and the US).

Dymphny and Angela, Co-Publishers

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