OUR ARCHIVES : December 2015

Stampede Bar U City

~ Dave Casey Dave Casey is originally from San Francisco and holds a Master’s Degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry with a minor in Painting. He has taught drawing, painting and sculpture at the Alberta College of Art + Design for more than thirty years. Dave has painted with acrylics for years and during the past […]

Calgary Skyline

~ M. Roberts M. Roberts is well known for photographing the Calgary literary scene.


Sh … Sh … don’t cry … your father will be back soon … I am hungry too … today is the day they will sign the Gah hala’s treaty … today the pipe will be smoked and everything will change … there will no longer be emptiness in our bellies. They say they will […]

Stampede Girls

~ George Webber George Webber has been photographing the people and landscape of the Canadian west for over thirty years. He was inducted into The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1999. His books include Requiem, A World Within, People of The Blood, Last Call, In This Place and Prairie Gothic.

River Ontology

“Everything is holy!” Allen Ginsberg, 1956 Along this reach of the river, snow outlinesempty limbs of the cottonwood,green spruce branchesare weighted by white clumps.Midstream, a few rocks topped by snowbreak the moving sheet of water.From the current’s edge west to the foresta meadow extends pure white. What is the purpose of a universethat contains such […]