OUR ARCHIVES : August 2017

House of Blue Skies announces release of “If I Must Leave”

You may have noticed that we’ve been quiet over here at blue skies poetry for the past while. While we both love our work at The House of Blue Skies, sometimes it takes a back seat to other parts of our lives — work, family, and other creative projects (most creative folks know how that […]

three haiku

after picking off yellow leaves on second glance one bloom handmade toy on a shelf – waiting for the grandchildren left right left right on the treadmill – are we there yet? ~ kjmunro Originally from Vancouver, kjmunro now lives in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. She has recently joined the Executive of Haiku Canada, & as […]

Buildings (Ghosts of)

1. Telephone Gothic Brick on black vertical fine lines fold unexpectedly short into unconformable skies. Carrying unimagined kin. Hallways are for hauntings. Hypothesized innards pipe angled ideas via Morse pencil taps / drafting coffee break morale with stunted scraper dreams. 2. For the Grain Exchange Dozing corridors tucked in by locked doors and sizzling halogens […]


With open arms you address the knick-knacks from a wooden pedestal, completely ignored by the large and even the small appliances. Your onyx insect eyes don’t dilute your message, or your ESP. Extraterrestrial reflective gaze distracts from your veiny silver frame and the negative space infiltrating your exoskeleton chinks. A tunic hidden behind scribble beard […]

The Hats We Wear

Smithbilt. Flames toque. Turban. Stamps Cap. No cap. Bandana. Hijab. All hats. … And a lot of cattle. The energy is in the ground a long way away. But also in the air right here. In classrooms. In offices so high the sky is even bigger than from the ground. In clinics and factories, on […]