OUR CATEGORY : Al Purdy Tribute

Not at the Quinte Hotel

A Tribute to Al Purdy’s Poem At the Quinte Hotel I’m drinking I’m drinking tea with lime wedges in my bedroom on a hot summer night you can see …I’m a demure woman there’s a rucus a raucus rucus under my bedroom window it trolls down the street as a young woman repeats the F […]

Fire Tower on Nose Mountain

After visiting Vivian Demuth Catherine said: she lives in the sky. Wait and see. The tower is perched on the summit, spindly metal legs stretching up, grass neatly trimmed around its base. I stand at the edge look out into sky, then down: a sea of trees, the road a rugged chord twisting its way […]

Fountain of Youth

I fill the garden fountain in the backyard every May 24 Sparrows crowd its rim hesitant swimmers gossiping around the deep end they shoulder-check for the right spot dip and tilt, dip and tilt Robins and birds I don’t know drop travel-weary bodies into it in the heat of parenting birds drop in for a […]

The Last Canadian Poet

In Memory of Al Purdy Catherine says that this poem “says all I want to say” about Al Purdy. Listen to her read “The Last Canadian Poet” here. ~ Catherine Owen Catherine Owen’s titles include: Somatic – The Life and Work of Egon Schiele (Exile Editions 1998), nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award, The Wrecks […]

Al Purdy Week on blueskiespoetry.ca

The League of Canadian Poets has declared Tuesday, April 21, “National Al Purdy Day,” as a tribute to the man widely regarded as Canada’s first true national poet. In celebration of the legacy left to Canadian poetry by this influential writer, I am pleased to present a week of poetry by Alberta members of the […]