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Airmail Letters

# 1 bluer than his blind eye is the letter my Opa holds in his enormous hands, my mother’s pen has tattooed the frail paper with this month’s immigration stories, cheery bravado disguises her endless dismay at Canada’s unforgiving climate, the cabin’s rough boards forever leaving splinters in her dancer’s feet. memory clear as a […]

Phoning Home – 1970’s

after we immigrated, Holland and its tangle of noisy, loving relatives ceased to exist. in my preschool mind the plane had rocketed us through space and home had spun away endlessly lost somewhere between Greenland and the stars. except for Opa’s warm ghost who recited poetry to me in each new bedroom long after my […]

If I Must Leave

I would take: one last look across the fields the touch of wind on my cheek a rock from the pile thrust to the surface by frost heaves then picked by hand the smell of new bales golden green in early evening light the song my grandmother sang as we walked along dusty roads a […]

After School

on special days I walked past the yellow buses waved to friends in Number Seventeen that usually took me home at the end of the lane I crossed the street continued past Mrs. Hertz’s place with its jungle garden kittens playing tigers and down the block to Grandma’s house inside her warm kitchen I sat […]

You Never Know/On ne sait jamais

1. Travelling/Le voyage Travelling has always beenune horreur pour moiEven when I was a little girla tummy ache would gnaw at mepour la durée de la traversée from Guernsey to Jersey. Imagine with my fear of water going off to the New World.I was just 22 when we set out in 1912,didn’t know a thing […]