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Vancouver city sirens

tap tap the vinyl chords spinal cords in prayer let them vibrate hum sing down alley ways down town east sides mountain trails snap snap go the spinal chords vinyl cords in rage they sweat shudder expire in macadam puddles out side safe injection sites peat bogs wake wake the body to the sirens of […]


lemon juiceconcentrateis a bird these daysflying dailyfrom shelves in thisout of stockout of lucktime of want—not needmind youjust want so with fouron the shelfit was— here today no time likeit’s time to take like the winner takes but I took only threeenough to allowthe hopethat I’m notthe onlystocked-uplucked-outloser leftin this time—this timeof want ~ Alan […]

the good listener

you thought I would hear you you opened your notebook you read your poem but I didn’t know how to hear how to hear you how to hear your poem or any poem your mistake was thinking I was one of the rare ones who hear and who can say with confidence you have been […]