OUR CATEGORY : Alexis Kienlen


i’m going for the king, but you won’t let me in. you line up your soldiers, the children you will sacrifice, the ones who glide, sail in like messengers. i try to advance, but you block me, take pieces away. i advance through empty space again, wounded and weaker, but still focused on that lone […]

South to North Saskatchewan

the way i have traveled, circling, moving far away, then back to the roots. born under sky and cold, i wandered to French speaking places, dreamed near ocean until it broke me. crawled back, limbs exhausted, fingers buried down deep in the dirt, clinging to the prairies. as a child, i lost myself near the […]

portrait of the poet

i wish i could show you the true contents of my world and how i see the sky i would show you how it feels to lie on a beach and curl up in the sand i would let you see why the words keep me awake at night and why i long to be […]

the old indian and the coat

one day on the street in Saskatoon an old indian with a tired face asks me to buy a drink for a child. i think for a minute, say okay. i want to be good, you know. i go into the store. the child is small, face needs washing, eyes keep flitting about. he wants […]