OUR CATEGORY : Andy Michaelson

untitled I (Susan)

You were unexpected arriving to offer yourself as the brake to slow to stop to insert yourself between me and damnation You would be my saviour blue eyed blond beautiful You made it sound so simple to accept just, accept your gift Uncurled a moment my heart realized my sins a seam of coal black […]


Hidden in grey crevasses out of sight during years uncounted a small, intense flame I didn’t know was there flickered All these years I searched my soul for the water to quench a fire to quiet a roar still in memory Even today my skin is scorched burning at memory of your touch Yet from […]

Away and Home

A September morning dark on the bay I wait for the sun, wait for the Chinook Enamel cup black coffee warms my hands while the day is born Golden orange glow pushes over the peaks colours dribble down rocky crags and forest’s edge Red and green marker lights roll in the swells all of us […]


I knew no grandfathers gone, before my creation Piegan, Blood, Siksika, Tsuu T’ina, Haida, Gitksan, Dene speak often of their grandfathers pride and respect in their words I imagine theirs are mine seeking wisdom discovering patience by listening, watching The grandfathers teach learn to fly from the hawk soar high, clear eyed learn to sing […]