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shoulder season

we are entering time in-between after leaves have fallen like so much confetti, and trees line streets, naked; summer’s debris is cleared and the sky reflects the ground – dull and grey – while we live in seasonal purgatory wishing its end, even as we dread what will follow. ~ Angela Kublik Angela Kublik is […]

a breeze comes up

skinny straight poplars stretch white trunks into azure sky golden leavesswirl down tear shaped confetti to where I standon the carpet of their common grave ~ Angela Kublik Angela Kublik is the editor of Blue Skies Poetry. Her poetry has most recently been published in Alberta Encore: People, Places, and Poetry from Legacy Magazine and […]

So that She Might Sing

in the wind there is a whisper a lament for rain I hear her in the field behind my grandparents’ house where dust swirls a shroud I hear her in my mother’s garden no weeds to pull no strawberries to eat in secret dirt wiped away with eager fingers I hear her in my car […]

If I Must Leave

I would take: one last look across the fields the touch of wind on my cheek a rock from the pile thrust to the surface by frost heaves then picked by hand the smell of new bales golden green in early evening light the song my grandmother sang as we walked along dusty roads a […]

After School

on special days I walked past the yellow buses waved to friends in Number Seventeen that usually took me home at the end of the lane I crossed the street continued past Mrs. Hertz’s place with its jungle garden kittens playing tigers and down the block to Grandma’s house inside her warm kitchen I sat […]