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How This Book Came to Be:
An Introduction to “Home and Away”

Over the years, Dymphny and I have spent hours talking about the idea of home: over coffee, meals, wine, the phone, by email. Again and again our conversations have circled around to this one topic, partly because our experiences have been so different, and partly, because – paradoxically – our values are so similar. I […]

Fire Tower on Nose Mountain

After visiting Vivian Demuth Catherine said: she lives in the sky. Wait and see. The tower is perched on the summit, spindly metal legs stretching up, grass neatly trimmed around its base. I stand at the edge look out into sky, then down: a sea of trees, the road a rugged chord twisting its way […]

Exploring the theme “Home & Away”

We have been enjoying all of the submissions sent in for Home & Away. Thank you! In the hope of inspiring even more submissions for the anthology, we would like to share two poems that would both fit the theme: *** Our Empty, Empty Bed After the last child is tucked in, and the jumble […]

New Year

outside fireworks pop and bang but my window faces the wrong direction I open it listen wonder who chose this moment from all others in our elliptical orbit to be the beginning ~ Angela Kublik Angela Kublik is an Edmonton based writer whose poetry has appeared in Legacy, Freefall, and The Prairie Journal of Canadian […]