OUR CATEGORY : Anna Mioduchowska

A Tiny Aperture

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Edmonton: “originally an advantageous lookout for native people, this hilltop graveyard commands a view of both the Southside and downtown” from the virtual self-guided walking tour In a meadow of polyethylene, a bed of warm-blooded petunias cuddling to the gravestone, the casual stroller out to stock up on embers before the coming […]

Five Hundred Decibels

for the University of Alberta Experimental Farm “It seems to me a cloud as luminous and dense and smoothly polished as a diamond struck by a ray of sun, enveloped us.” – Dante, Il Paradiso, canto II, l 31-33 I died and went to heaven is how I want to answer your sincere how are […]

After the Storm, Banff National Park

Day after the storm, the mountains dig themselves out, clear their ears, noses, spruces shudder under the new weight, the raven, sober again, flies in a straight line. It’s twenty below. The sun scrubs the sky with child-like gusto, the slopes furry, bears dozing after a good meal. Great-great-grandma invented God on a day like […]

Blowing at the Sky

Dreaming across the face of a snow-tipped mountain,one Golden Eagle. It’s just before sunset, but voices urging south muffle hunger, fatigue,the bird will not sleep tonight.Three hundred solitary shadows cast over the limestone since morning, each one a kingdom unto itself. An old man by the river, open ledger, telescope. Two women taking turns with […]

Islet Lake Trail

Handful of wild hazelnutsthe only hard evidence of late September,a place, where time had lost consciousness for a dayinstead of hoursloosened thoughts windingthrough an artistic catastrophe, paints spilled in the night by a naughty child,delirium of little fingers“look Ma! look!” In a smudge of light, an elegant squiggle,garter snake, suspended between prime blue, and green […]