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The Challenge

this morning sun plays cold between arthritic grasses and my feetthe first time I brought my father to this place he challenged mesaid “if I lived here I would walk this entire hill”I who had already walked it sunrise to sunset with two different dogs seen red-tail hawks stretch their wings from hilltop to mountain […]

RE:ACT Art & Community Together kicks off Calgary Project

Bob Stallworthy – Nose Hill, a photo by House of Blue Skies – RE:ACT Calgary Project on Flickr. Starting today, Blue Skies is delighted to showcase poems and artwork by Calgary writers – about Calgary. For the month of December we’re featuring work by some very special guests. We’re accepting submissions of poetry and visual […]

Name Those Fears

if I was sure you would listen oh, the fears I could name they are attack dustballs that inhabit the corners where I live okay, I’ll name one but just one the fear of being alone there I’ve named it you say it will no longer control me Oh, the silence in that word it […]

A note from Bob

[photopress:bob_stallworthy_1_2.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Hello. I’m Bob Stallworthy. Congratulations to Angela Kublik for the great work she and her team are managing for the the new library in Fort Saskatchewan. May her steady hand that helped to guide House of Blue Skies and this blog, blueskiespoetry.ca, also help to see her new project through to successful completion. I’m pleased […]

Moving with the Flow

children flow down the street in front of our house on the surface of the concrete river that carries them to the mouth at the confluence of street and playground I stop to watch the children tumble and dance caught up in eddy and swirl inside the opening of the school’s fence what they can’t […]