OUR CATEGORY : Bob Stallworthy

Mother’s Day

what’s the point? what’s the experience of the idea? what’s the idea? oh, I guess that would be first okay, we are in this small town it’s Mother’s Day we are on a road trip stop for lunch watch all these young men bring their wives and children to this restaurant for Mother’s Day while […]

Fountain of Youth

I fill the garden fountain in the backyard every May 24 Sparrows crowd its rim hesitant swimmers gossiping around the deep end they shoulder-check for the right spot dip and tilt, dip and tilt Robins and birds I don’t know drop travel-weary bodies into it in the heat of parenting birds drop in for a […]

Connect the Dots

the sky is so big in this place it can fill the space between father and son the land is a firmament under it highways in straight lines connect dots stars on the landscape we come from a place where the lines on the land are not straight where the map doesn’t always tell us […]

So Where Is Huck Finn Anyway?

this morning is for sitting in a white lawn chair carefully placed in the Spring green back yard for reading a book and drinking coffee it’s the day for watching sun creatures behind closed eyes chase each other to their own horizons but there’s a fence a brand new brush and a bucket full of […]

Dishonour Among Plants

wearing tones of pink geometrical green and her white Sunday-morning hat she slows to a stop in front of the flowerbed this lady who looks like a gladiola escaped from some other yard wanting to take root grace my garden with her delicateness I am honoured until I see she is walking her dog one […]