OUR CATEGORY : Carla Maj-Pfleger

Bull’s Eye

The look on his face when she said she was leaving was the same as the look on the face of the human cannonball when he burst out the muzzle of the barrel and realized that the net was in the wrong spot. ~ Carla Maj-Pfleger Carla Maj-Pfleger is a teacher and writer from St […]

May Day

When a town is cremated, only shadows line the street to watch the parade. As a plague of ashes swirls around the marching band and their seventy-six trombones the rest of us slump like road kill at the Coachmen where the beer’s the coldest thing for 50 miles. And while some old guy at the […]

The Game

In Dressing Room 4 he shields brawn and bravado laces up testosterone tugs it tight around the ankles steadies his manhood for the colossal endeavor he rehearses the play eyeballs angles, then tames the frozen glass with blazing, furious strides, lights the charge against the roaring crowd with fury, with passion, rushes boards blades slicing […]