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I’ll tell you what I saw I’ll tell you I saw light dancing by the river first the sun shot through the black branches of that maple laid out blue shadows on the snow near the church so I followed deer tracks led me down a trail – narrow, lined with red willow thin whips […]


what do we do with the fish when it dies the child asked from his seat behind me in the canoe his grip tightened on the green and pink plastic rod as he cast the barbed line out over the brown creek my thoughts drifted to the lake last summer the rainbow trout tossed on […]

driving with Beth in the west county

they burnt our old house just burnt it, Beth told me as we drove down dirt roads to the homestead that’s the barn that Dad bought from a neighbour it rides the waves of this prairie its peaked roof a prow above the door two cupola jutted into late-day blue sky my camera clicked just […]

Peace Country January

blue-shadowed snow has been sculpted by wind the aspen are silvered with hoarfrost wind brocades satin snow. now crystals float in an aching blue sky today we breathe diamonds ~ Catherine McLaughlin Catherine McLaughlin recently celebrated 35 years in the Peace Country. The land has always felt like home for her and she responds with […]