OUR CATEGORY : Catherine Owen

The Last Canadian Poet

In Memory of Al Purdy Catherine says that this poem “says all I want to say” about Al Purdy. Listen to her read “The Last Canadian Poet” here. ~ Catherine Owen Catherine Owen’s titles include: Somatic – The Life and Work of Egon Schiele (Exile Editions 1998), nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award, The Wrecks […]

Interstice 1

Everywhere here – vestiges and markers, on the earth what goes on under – Epcor cupping its tumuli above the White Mud in the park with its even trees, posts and on each, signs emblazoning pipelines – beneath your feet – oil. In this place, be careful where you dig – the polished clasps of […]

Interstice 22

No snow left – end of April but on the darkest slopes of Fort Edmonton Park grass dazzling up green except a five foot patch on the lawn where the failed ice rink melted to a brown drench the school buses audacious as dandelions buzzing by on 44th and a jackrabbit feasting on weeds in […]

Interstice 25

Snow in May and then – sudden – heat wave a week after. Spring this blowsy convergence of lilacs, apple blossoms – a few days and the wind splats it into the yard. Mosquitoes hatch, too fast for your forgetfulness of blood and your flesh is planets. From the highest mountain ash branch, a robin […]