OUR CATEGORY : Daniel N. Poitras

Us and Them

Why is it always us and them? I don’t think I’m guilty of perpetuating a cycle, forcing my fellow blood to join hands and just circle round and round like a dance. I have never drummed and drummed into your ear or theirs, that you people just wouldn’t understand us. So best to leave us […]

How to Roll With the Boys

As young as I can remember, as long as I can tell I have always tried to hang with the boys. They defined cool and rebellious. Be guts, glory or gold; I would hang as freely as they hung off sickly orange summer streetlights, off the drooping branches of fall trees, off the rain gutters […]

Ora Pro Nobis

godless heathens, and our impure thoughts, and our despicable actions, and our foolish devotion to a belief, that burning dead grass, chanting in tongue, celebrating the sun; not the Son, will save us from ourselves. Pray for the rebels, that let an old church burn, not resurrecting the dead, honouring the family long after they […]

Hank Williams’s I Saw The Light

Your day will start at two, when the phone rings, in the darkness, in the night. It will rip through your soul, to the bones and memory. Confused and alone, you’ll speak to sobs, just sobs. I saw the light, I saw the light, He took off in the middle of night, drunk and crying […]

Don’t Let Them Take Me

Don’t let them take me in the night. Don’t let them take me screaming. Don’t let them take me running, crying trying to reason, doing my best to say “no” but they don’t understand. Don’t let them take me when the sun comes out at high noon, at the close of dawn, when the seasons […]