OUR CATEGORY : dee Hobsbawn-Smith

Beloved at 51

[for Dave] Not born a beauty. Cheeks planed and plunging, nose arched like a Roman-bred mare’s. Life scars, broken bones, time’s chasms and contradictions. Faith outweighs truth. Learn to dine alone, eyes shielded by my forelock. I can do this. No flinching. The book, the meal, the day, wearing solitude like my prayer shawl. When […]

Poem Posted on the Ship’s Door

1. Pull. Magnets rattle loose in his blood, radar locked when he crosses her path. Particles charged with aches he cannot identify or locate, maverick monkey-stars set adrift from their orbit. 2. Watch your step. Collide. He watches her back, her skin sliding down her skirt, cotton so careless, flesh loose in the breeze, lifts […]