OUR CATEGORY : Diane Buchanan


I wonder what lies inside this scarred shell, imagine; clotted carrion, fractured fossils, brittle blood, lubricious white of bone, amber yolk. Alembic outcomes of an unknown alchemy. You echo with eons of transmutations. Once it was believed that you carry maps of whole constellations pressed into you. I run my finger across your pitted surface, […]

A Different Kind of Loss – and Finding

New then: gravel roads, dry wells, school bus, sumps and skunks. Bed bathed in moonlight, dog at the foot, moose hide at the head Horse shoes, bridal path, purple gas, party-line phone, cannon bone. They learned. Together through snowdrifts, hay fields, country lanes. A three-legged race. Who knew that straw brooms are not the same […]

Last to Leave

One small chalk handprint left on the back door of the house so recently emptied, scrubbed clean of the fragments of another family, other lives, younger times. That smudged handprint clicks a slideshow of memories, blue eyes too intense, too wise for one so young, small Cheerio mouth birthing words like bubbles, tubby feet bare […]

The Secret of Grass

When I was grass I sucked up the letter “S” swallowed it whole, let it slide up my slender shoots, satisfied with it’s slippery simplicity, it’s shape, that one line squiggle, standing upright and strong, savored those saccharine scents of saffron, smoke, and sage, imitated it’s sound in the shifting and the stirring of my […]

On A Prairie Slough Just Outside The City
One Early Morning Mid-July

Inspired by Patrick Lane’s poem “Under The Sun In The Dry, Desert Hills Where The Rain Never Falls In August” Knee deep in liquid sky, a heron bides time in tall sedge shadows. Canola, fluorescent yellow, a horseshoe frame for this mirrored water. Among the swirl of, sandpiper, starling, sparrow, flash of blackbird; nothing as […]