OUR CATEGORY : Don Mulcahy

geese calling

it’s always distant the fractured call of wild geese as it is now, high and distant and breaking, after the first note to a deeper key creating a plaintive yodel of sorts though scrambled today as they battle the rushing air; their call is the sound of the north and there is rain a bleak […]

a three-shirt dog day

it’s reached thirty six outside now in this lush triangle this green Eden amid three Great Lakes where humidity weighs heavy and my second shirt of the day embraces me like sodden cling wrap and I long for the arid prairie summers we left out West dog or not dog-walker or not best to lie […]

71 bison

it’s night when the convoy arrives bringing expatriates from Wood Buffalo Park, Alberta; plains bison, returning to bald Saskatchewan prairie they’d once shared with the First Nations 71 ornery, wild-eyed hump-backed dinosaurs wearing capes of tangled wiry wool moonlight swathes the prairie in silvery blue; a small crowd waits, to greet, to celebrate they are […]