OUR CATEGORY : Dymphny Dronyk

Exploring the theme “Home & Away”

We have been enjoying all of the submissions sent in for Home & Away. Thank you! In the hope of inspiring even more submissions for the anthology, we would like to share two poems that would both fit the theme: *** Our Empty, Empty Bed After the last child is tucked in, and the jumble […]

A Sunday Poem

I on my front step deliberate meditation, slow sips of hot, sweet coffee Crow on his fencepost fastidious cleaning his beak wiped on grey wood late July sun shimmers on his bakelite feathers on my copper strands of hair on the old dog nodding off in her front porch pew a breeze rustles leaves dry […]

Colony Collapse Disorder

Honeybees hum mutiny. Listen! There are pandemic repercussions in their slogans. Where each hive was once a colony, joyful, brimming idealism and bounty, it is now modernized to factory, a perfect assembly line. The pollen of discontent sifts ever thicker clouds their sense of purpose, as workers grow sticky with longing for the quiet universe […]

A World Without Bees

Honey, each spoonful a liquid moment of summer, 556 bees drone through their six week life span to create one pound of honey. Bees splatter the windshield as I race north on this slash of highway twinned now to let us hurry by ever faster. My mind hums bee stories. I notice hives hunkered all […]


In forty below wind a proud saw-whet owl stares in my window perched on the deck rail eyes like meteors, wild as the aurora. Tame in disposition, hunters tell of its guileless trust, so friendly it has become endangered. In the barn later it hunkers on the floor, eyes closed forehead on the straw, sad […]