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Strawberries and Cream

We ate strawberries and cream from tooth-bright porcelain dishes so white I didn’t notice the broken pieces. The blood dropped, clotted cold in the cream and I went hot, white, afraid I might vomit. I showed the waitress my bloody tongue, she brought a cool damp cloth. You carried on eating. ~ Ernestine Lahey Ernestine […]

The impact of the current recession on the coyotes of Cape Breton

Here, black spruce crouch low. Dogwood berries mildly noxious here, nipped by jay, and kinglet. Sundews pucker, bodies agape for bees. Sphagnum mosses loosing spores to nest in nicked skin, scratches. Pine cones bursting underfoot, and the gray underthings of the backward turning leaves. A perspex sign extrapolates felix lynx’s inborn traits, our own. My […]