OUR CATEGORY : Gary Pierluigi

Grand Bend

There’s a comfort in closings, endings, finales; in rooming houses boarded. Cottage windows sealed. Refreshment stands left barren but for their now ludicrous embellishments. Comfort in peeling paint, disused garbage, rusty coca cola signs. Comfort and security. A knowing familiarity. Twilight absorbing worn pennants and all the liquor and beer cans that once fueled desire […]


Eyes like glowing coals; tongue like a shriveled patty. Nose like a dripping sponge. A bearded vendor selling slices of watermelon to lurid courtesans in chiffon dresses and to executives who speed away in their BMW’s. Bent and deformed children slobbering over ice cream cones while regal lords sit waxen in their gem studded carriages. […]