OUR CATEGORY : Gayle Sacuta

Less Preferred Seating

School days spending hoursconfined with othersdripping hormonal hours of hyper-alertness changing formshours of second guessingself preservation conservation breath holdingMiles and miles of bus endurance Rise from the red leather seatwith round piped edgingcold and hard in the wintersticky in the heat of June Bit squarely you would find it tough like overdone roastretaining teeth markslike […]

Look Out

Teeth brushed hair combed face washed?Coat boots lunch-kit kiss See ya On the porch entry way I pull open the inside doorWarm collides with coldStanding and waiting morning dark liftsI watch for the bus from the West Upper spring, book-mark hingeand chest-high clasp connectstorm door with frame winter window, dull with layered icereplacement for the […]

Sandy Field

planet and universe join togetherto birth this sandy field glacial waters break spillgrind surgerocks drop now on fence line and hilltopthey sit they knowstoriesdrying in the sun if you let yourself get closeput your ear to the ground,you can still hear theheart beat ~ Gayle Sacuta “I live in Devon with my family, but regularly […]

Soil Stories

that fall an arrow chipshifts up from underhistory’s coverthrough soilfull of airand sense enough toned reddish brown and pulsinga piece of chert the size of my fingernailsmartly placed atopa fresh-dug sandy moundone of many speckled over the fields I reach across join the memoryand belong ~ Gayle Sacuta “I live in Devon with my family, […]

Soil and Water

soil particles alignform a barrier that repels waterlike a hard heart refusing love the circle of sky superimposed on groundlife’s elixir pools a tall bead waits for permission breaking open, more than half zips away before its path saturatesreluctantly, the ground yields a temporary tattoono trace is retained for long ~ Gayle Sacuta “I live […]