Julian Day 2453933

Today requiresa past The riverside roadclosed, silent& utterly still for the first timein who knowshow long the houseslowly pulledfrom origin Ato destination B, stopping for the nightat the exact point between us& the river A new view – all gables& dormers – inserted intothe old, the riverdisplaced this strategyassembled here, this actionhaving weight& many bitsof […]

Julian Day 2454100

Twice, fromlove, she satthrough death friend (first),& mother (yearslater) father, al-most thatNovember nightshared Hard times Wordless stancesin the world of change ~ Gil McElroy This poem is from an ongoing, open-ended cycle of poems collectively entitled “The Julian Days”. The series is based on a system of dating events that is essentially the cumulative count […]