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A Suddenness of Squirrel

I am not sure where my mind had gone to hide, or whether it was chiselling away at some large grey stone of metaphor somewhere in the sub-consciousness, unapparent to me, images or sounds bursting like fireworks, but whatever may have been happening to me on an intellectual or even aesthetic level was abruptly obliterated, […]

Hair 1

Snippets of hair fall away and drop upon the barber’s cape. Snow, I think, it falls like fine snow, wispy snippets of hair on the cape, on the floor. So white – is the other notion that nudges my thoughts before crass reality grabs me by the nape, upsetting the near-fantasy I’ve harboured of manly […]

Hospital Waiting Room

Another man sits alone in one of the chairs kitty-corner from me. He, too, has brought his own book to mask the anxiety of the wait. Somewhere removed, in a room we can not see, doctors and nurses exchange hospital gossip as they perform their scopies on our wives. On TV Japanese forces are counting […]

Conned in Cancun

The taxi is parked in a bus stop space near a pay phone booth. The driver holds the receiver in his hand and when we stride within easy earshot, he cries out,“Oh, my poor wife, my wife, ooohh…” his voice, an exemplar of abject misery. As we draw abreast of him, he places the receiver […]

Foreword: A Few Thoughts About Home and Away

by Glen Sorestad “Home is where one starts from”, wrote T.S. Eliot. A place to start, a place to ruminate upon, a place to write out of the heart and into words. We all share a concept of home, though it may differ significantly from one individual to the next. Home is a place where […]