OUR CATEGORY : Glen Sorestad

Lost and Found

Confucius surely has a saying apropos to someone who loses a wedding band walking or jogging through the park. A LOST poster shouts the sorry missing ring news from the pathside waste container where every passing walker is compelled to read it. Oh-oh, someone’s in deep do-do, I think as I read the pathetic confession. […]

Woman in Doorway

The photo features a dark-haired woman gazing with imperious disinterest from an open doorway out across the narrow walkway. We know she is no strumpet touting her wares – there’s nothing lurid nor enticing in her make-up, garb nor pose. What the photo does not see is what she does and is trying to ignore. […]


1. The way the soft first light of dawn finds its way through needles of black spruce, as water works its inexorable pathway through rock. 2. The way a stark slab of granite will become a garden where mosses and lichen precede birch and pine and root themselves to court the sun. ~ Glen Sorestad […]

Water Voices

The voices of the youngsters in the three church camp canoes radiate like gathering waves across the water, as if they were speaking into live mikes. They believe themselves safe from camp strictures to say what they’d never dare on shore. Water may be a cleanser, but it’s also a great conductor. ~ Glen Sorestad […]