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This morning

Your footprints embossed on my walkSlush froze,formed by rubber toes,into ridges that crunchdelightfullywhen I leave for lunch Last nightyou stopped to talkbefore mercury dropped; you forgot it will still chill Pointed to buds on treesbut pressed footprints that freezemelt water matricesinto last year’s leaves ~ Heather Groot Heather Groot was born and raised in Sault […]

Last Bellevue

bird wings beat night songsflap softin waning light come my darlingdance with medip me as night fallslook with me in silent glee at the moonlight as it sprawls let us dance alongin a curlicue uponthe cooling grass sweep me in a swaying line hearts beating ever fast drunkupon moonshine shimmering with dewstolen glances hang sublimein […]