The Wet Spot

It’s the size of a maybe though colder than even never the aftermath of trampled violets a note found on the bed scented and signed love a round- headed pin stuck in a map of wherever ~ Howie Good Howie Good, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, is […]


Let’s disappear, Barbara, in a giant whoosh of flame and look back and laugh at the scribble of our smoke trail. For once, let’s not answer the questions at the end of the chapter, or even phone in to work, but just climb the twisted ladder of bones and shadows, and if we must get […]

Job Interview Tip #3

for Graham They’ll ask if you have a thief’s heart, a knife hidden in your boot, something else you’d rather do. I myself am bad at riddles, but before you answer, consider just how you’ll feel when the towers begin to rise and the sky turns impossible colors from all the ash in the air. […]