OUR CATEGORY : Jenna Butler

The Sea Cave

I am two weeks off a prairie sky. Reluctant islander, what I don’t know of spring and neap, urchin barrens denuded of green. How you laugh at my bafflement, night-swimming the bay, spooned in phosphorescence. Your casual negotiation of basalt’s black tongue, limbs of beaches kelp-sleek, slattern with sea. At dusk, you show me gifts […]

What We Can’t Let Go

Plough swinging early on the hills’ horizon, the blue-clay turn of skeith and share, and what catches: rogue oats in dawn sun. This bowl of land and what it gathers. Farmstead, firebreak. Cottonwoods flagged with shagbark pennons, dugout sulking green. How far is enough? Where the foothold skirting memory, like the first furrow on a […]

Hobby Farmer

less about grain thanthe slim thighs of landlost to drought sculptedby hard weatherand how to explain to your wifethe rich dark stirof spring earth she circumscribed inthe domestic geraniums crocus corms like knucklebones and what you lack a means to sayI would give it all forone night on this landsmudged like guilt into palm lines […]


Robinhood, 1991 as if one phone call couldfend off the ghosts coming into townpickup shunting like a heiferthrough the potholes bunting lapping at the church eavesgrass lopped & bundled &ubiquitous ham sandwiches that double for weddings and funerals if collective wishful thinkingcould backcrank the clock it’d look like this church shimmying free ofencroaching poplars sidewalks […]


1. first the farmsteads slip under to wind or drought spring clapboard warping lichen like sparrowprint towns taken graduallylimb by limb feed & tackledry goods when the post office goes it’s done for takes years though beforethe church windows vanishsomeone brave ordesperate enough& then scrapboard blinkersbell tower gone to pigeons 2. what the posters showed […]