OUR CATEGORY : Jenna Butler

Farmhouse, Castor

early sun limnsthe plate rail a kitchenreduced to grit & shambles butcher block table wallpaper slumped about its knees light here reveals only absence teasel in the bones ofthe victory garden thrustingbarrel staves like iron ribs what we have come for lilacs pressing inthese diamond panes their blossomstark & fragrant across the hearth rainwater shifting […]

winter highway

November we descendfrom permafrost northcamp on the ice fire on a bierabove the riverpoplar logs green and sappysnow pitted fromthe flankers’ fall all day we followthe trucks gone before chancing rotten ice for tea white bread ten-pound sacks of potatoes fifty kilometres uprivermen detox on the trap lineswait for the trucks to returnfor their friends […]

Wild Onions

creek ducks the boundary fenceleaves it slackjawed & danglingspring the cattle wallow in runoff mudplay their spines along the wire up the coulee ironstone peters to cactuswild lupine the onions are foundby scent biteof trodden leaves bulbs unearthed like molars crepuscular canyon light wild taste ofearth & dark water coyote on a lip of land […]