OUR CATEGORY : Jerry Whalley

the goatherds crooked staff

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa made tea so his Third Eye could open to see dreams fortifying in aspiring hearts as they reach for the next beat in their comings and goings Socrates played the lyre by banging on the strings while humming and hawing about the trouble of always stressing and straining against the chains though […]


rushing inference, imminent insightsuddenly its clear, a gut feeling swooning, reeling, cross-connected hemi-spheresyncopated, reverberated, totally aware open bi-ways, ahh blue-sky days, making up my mindsynapses shiver, axons quiver, dendrites deliver‘lectrik-neurons fire suddenly in time aha! aha! oh gawd I see, I ran around ‘n crieda fool I’ve been, all along its there, right in front […]

a hurried sentence came over me

while my hand gently grazed over the papermy pen began to tremble outside an empty car stole the silenceshooting lamps of red and whitethe horn bleating of theft when no one was here to hear it in my unfolding book of poems it is like that ~ Jerry Whalley Jerry Whalley is an aboriginal poet […]