OUR CATEGORY : Joan Baragar


We joined you at your table on the cruise ship, quiet couple from Japan, Greek-island tourists just like us except you were familiar with an island life and we were prairie folks from Canada. Your English, like your manner, was controlled and spare without unnecessary words or gestures. Yet your smiles were warm and spoke […]


Green eyes won’t do; her skin is blue. Your paintbrush says it best Picasso-like slicing rearranging parts It settles on The Eye downcast half-covered by a sapphire lid glinting in an almost-wink It settles on the Apple Core a gash of green will do for that dropped by her careless hand toward a prismed hedge […]


Strange how the conversation ended. Some things perhaps are better left unsaid even for friends whose friendship gives the lie to most taboos. The wedge between us was an unhitched stone boat empty of cargo whether straw or rock empty and silent in the field nowhere to go. I know our hearts aren’t in the […]