Memory of Dirt

I knew her in the long rainsthat turned the soil to tobacco spit and lizard tongues.Our feet stuck as we walked down the drivewayto the black car that waited to take us to the funeral.Lighter than me, her slender foot escaped a bootand I thought I heard a sob, that her sorrow was finally breakingout, […]

Tunnel Vision

Driving north, I’m caught in an exhalation of weather.Foggy breath blows a tunnel through the night,obscures gravel shoulders and silo lightsbeyond the edges of the QE2 Highway. This night is dressed in a spinster’s gown –white cotton buttoned at the throatand billowing over curves, ditches and exits,concealing accident and choice.I squint through the windshield, trying […]

Climate Change

We fly home from summerwith Che t-shirts and tans.As we leave the airportJanuary rasps in our ears. The frosted taxi window numbs un-mittened fingersas we try to scratch back to yesterday.Already the afternoon is slippinginto something black and dangerous.I’m forgetting the sky’s largesse and howturquoise seas clear a congested heart. In the middle of the […]