OUR CATEGORY : Joanna M. Weston

Night Light

moonlight melds our bodies together bone to bone knitted in threads of light skin painted with sweat and small stars ~ Joanna M. Weston Joanna M. Weston has had poetry, reviews, and short stories published in anthologies and journals for twenty years. She has two middle-readers, The Willow Tree Girl and Those Blue Shoes; also […]

A Handful of Sand

you walk into the bay without a backward look or word of goodbye each wave captures part of you buries it in salt sucks your skin into the width of grey and I watch you do this last thing perfectly taking each serene step until your head blurs, diminishes and I hold a handful of […]

She Played Banjo

on Granville Street Bridge in the snow caught a rainbow and swung out over frills of water lassoed a canoe and paddled down False Creek chanting Hallelujahs to parading gulls flags streaming from their feathers she dropped the banjo overboard went ashore to build a snow-gull complete with lemon beak and ice-cream claws ~ Joanna […]

An Old Song

river runs under windtakes rock to the sea wind blows over river lifts foam from the wave silt moves through waterunder my hand to the sea