Breakfast at the Hotel Next Morning

She’s slowly sipping orange juice. He’s at the omelet station waiting for his Western. Last night, they were in each other’s arms but this morning, if it isn’t fluid it won’t go down. And he’s famished, so he says, so he’s off to see the expert. She wonders why she chose bacon of all things, […]

Under the Hood

The guys are tinkering with cars and I’m in the field, face to face with white blossoms of a pin-cherry. They’re up to their elbows in grease while I inhale the sweet and sour of nature. Any moment now, they’ll have the damn beast moving again. My vehicle, prunus pensylvanica, is always where it is, […]

So How Are We Together?

So ivy’s scaling walls. But what if your name was Ivy and I was as stiff and solid as a wall? And dinner’s sizzling in the pan. But if you were the night’s meal, would I be the pan, the hot stove, or just the cold plate on the sideboard waiting to accommodate your cooking. […]

One Finger in the Water

Here, at the tip of this finger, is the end of me, mildly flirting with the ripples of the duck pond, wondering if that old otter will poke out of the waters and nip that wayward digit or will he realize that that’s where I leave off, that I’m no threat and there is no […]

As Night Approaches

Shadows of late afternoon, closed sign in a shop window. dusk drives out the light, tamps the business, sends the people home. I look at my silhouette as I hang out here, stretched interminably, longer than I’ll ever be. My flesh is so perilously close to being just a tenth of what I am, as […]