OUR CATEGORY : Jordan Trethewey


I am a frequent apocalyptic flyer looking to land my rusty, shopping cart heart in which nothing is ever bright, dent-free or new. Your heart is a redemption centre where I cash in my worthless self and transform into a useful currency. ~ Jordan Trethewey Jordan Trethewey is a writer living in Fredericton, N.B. with […]

The Butcher and the Baker

At Peter’s Meats, and his brother Mike’s Bakery, the two families are not just making old-fashioned, choice cuts and tasty pastry behind the counters, but combining DNA with pinches of sugar and juicy pork loins to give their customers front-of-house service the chain grocers can only hope to hire. Handsome football and soccer star sons […]

Checkout Girls

They are uniformly cute behind their work shift carrels but all their girlish austerity can’t hide another dress-code detail, one unique flaw each: hairy arms, lisp, giant ass, dead eyes, connect-the-dot moles. Checkouts 1 to 10 would light up, give your bags express line treatment, for a compliment about deeper qualities discovered, a moment of […]