OUR CATEGORY : Joseph Farley

Pissing In The Wind

Standing at the edge of a cliff, Looking down at rolling ocean waves While making your own spray, The wind pushes back, Blowing droplets of ammonia Onto clothes and onto your face. It is not the end of the world. You can go on, Climb back in the car and drive Who knows where, But […]

Seeking harmony

The “you” that is you, or may be you, and the “I” that I am, or could be are mere instruments, fiddles without bows, waiting for fingers to caress and pluck our strings and make us sing. ~ Joseph Farley Joseph Farley edited Axe Factory for nearly a quarter century. His books include Suckers, For […]

At Five

The evening shuffles in, the slow yawning of the sun. Workers slowly shake off their zombie walks, emerge from the elevators of glass and steel office towers as butterflies set free from their cocoons tired but desiring to float free, flutter, dance until the bars close and the requirements of labor dictate descent into sheet […]