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Walking to Work with Prophets

I. Confucius Confucius says, “Man who moves one foot at a time always have balance.” I am puzzled by his cryptic arrangement of syllables, the obscurity of his syntax – but I am most startled by the quiet blaze of content, the fierceness of the softness in his eyes. II. Lao Tzu He explains that […]


The teapot yawnsexactly where I left it,having slept through my absence more faithfully than a cat.The paintings on the wallsfeign stillness and the photographed figures on the fridge stand in tableau,pretending that they didn’t gatherto party in my memory while I was soaked in the constant shifts of the present.The hands of clocks tick steadily, […]

Opening into Nothingness

Sitting alone on the edge of a dock as early morning fog rolls over a lake as still as a whisper, you can’t see the other shore – no horizon, simply grey water blending into grey fog into grey sky, an opening into nothingness. You can imagine how you would look from the other side […]

Man of Glass

Sleep is averting its eyes just like you were, refusing to hypnotize me into tomorrow. My eyes can’t stop flicking through the broken pieces of this night, the fragments that were almost perfect. Tonight had other plans, set us up to fall into the surface of its image and shatter it on impact. My apologies […]


skittish and disheveled, the cats on your front porch are like strangers in a bar on the wrong side of town – every movement is a stand-off some grudgingly accept companionship, and others fight off competition for food and space some accept your affection and other step gingerly around it those are the ones who […]