OUR CATEGORY : Kate Marshall Flaherty

On Poets and Scar Tissue

How the two fester at odds with each other, poets and scar tissue. The poet pulling off scabs, peeling back the layers and scrubbing the skin raw; the scar tissue glazing over the wound, smoothing the suture, bridging the cut. Imagine sticking the words onto paper, stitching them on, tacking to keep them from tumbling, […]

Egg and Ever

Barnsmells of hay and chicken-shit, dried white like gypsum and dust-chokey to inhale, underscore the hens purring under the hot lightbulb. Some shuffle and crane their necks in a pecking hammer, bead eyes blink—caviar in feathers— while some are still, the low trill and guttural sounds of the brooders, soothing as they roost. Hens plume […]