OUR CATEGORY : Kathie Sutherland

prairie snow

prairie snow blows a fine veil that drifts into corners and doorways dusts crevasses of fence boards hangs virgin mantles like billowed skirts on bent spruce boughs snow sculpts curves in a roadside curls waves over driveways transforms ice into diamonds on deck railings and dog fur snow softens sun in a thin white sky […]

door to the wild

the wind before storm rushes over the campground ruffling canopy, prickling raindrops, billowing tarp tatters of cloud, holes full of sunlight a whirlwind of dust crosses the road the aspen canopy whispers to grassy marsh meadows where hushed leaves brush the bones of dead trees on the trail with our wolf dog, who’s hot on […]

winter sunrise

high in blue Alberta sky sundogs, cluster around a sun dusted with diamonds. in the wind-swept glare below quicksilver snow creatures slide over the road, like coyotes. icy veils shiver, obliterate track smooth sculptures of snow waves in ditches. ~ Kathie Sutherland Kathie Sutherland is mapping out inner landscapes these days, curious about the way […]

cattle country

range steers lumber, a slow meander, nodding in a buzz of august heat. folks murmur in a thin shade, lean back, ankles crossed. on a plank table, summer supper is pushed away. at sunset, night drifts in on the cool breeze dries the skin, quivers the aspens, breathes billows into silken skirts of firelight. dusk […]


old friend, trapped in lonely web-lined skin, a tent on brittle bones, release your breath release your life from a body dying into dust. heavy in my arms, in deep narcotic sleep, cancer pain at bay, her head lies soft against my chest. at the window a curtain of branches, weeps a sweep of air […]