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Torque (reviewing Gord Downie’s book)

Put a poetry book on a table, Turn it at an askew angle And consider the tension that angle brings. ~ Kees Kapteyn Kees Kapteyn lives in Niagara, Ontario. A painter and writer, Kees has self-published two chapbooks, “Grubstreet” and “Coffee Salt,” as well as been published in magazines such as Canadian Stories, Novella, Corvid […]

The Library Kerouac

Now, just look at this book. It’s so beautiful, dog-eared and beat up Having passed through hundreds of hands; This promiscuous book. The lines and creases of use are born on its cover And the words inside hold its nature Like a tender fleshed fruit. I love it deeply. ~ Kees Kapteyn Kees Kapteyn lives […]