OUR CATEGORY : Maria Robson

Inside Shells

He dips hands in dawn-stained tideand raises diamonds to the suntrailing exploded tears and promises fulfilled Sinking down in the saffron sandwith the birthright of total majestyon his knees in an ancient surrender Watching him soa shallow heartfinds plenitudeand can turn homewardtrailing sandand a handful of shells ~ Marian Robson Maria Robson is a Montreal […]

Gypsy Lullaby

City neighborsknow each other in furtive ways:glimpses, strains and signs –early morning radio,Faure at dusk, the smellof burnt toast ,and always boots dryingon the landing in winter I was rarely home those days,exotic scents pursued me,Tibetan shrines,Berbers in Marrakechwaiting by oases.I saw my neighbor fleetingly,‘Vous allez bien……and your cats?’ One night the doorbell rang.A fur-hooded […]

I Must Go

These words, separate, like worlds, like crevices, in bleached driftwood on pebbled night, on moon-coded shore The fine calligraphy acid, alchemical filigree on indigo silk swirl of the unrolled prayer mat of a setting sun. ~ Marian Robson Maria Robson is a Montreal teacher, freelance writer and translator who loves to travel and research, first […]

Few Joys

A poet is passionately in love with language. W.H.Auden Few joys compare to meeting words that match, whisper, the grey-ragged milk of layered mist on winter-pined crags Words, like giddy-green back flips from silver-sharp skates, deceptive in effortless loop on blue-crystal ice Words that burn in the Reader like Psyche’s lamp high – hanging the […]


for Z Sunset cradles new moon in the Hajar craters.Camel spills an amber eye on neighbours at their happy hour Sip from firey cups brimming crystal blue iceSwim in those pools Drown, if you must Then get up, dry your feet in a bowl of sand, heed the echoed call,and greet the night as friend […]