OUR CATEGORY : Maria Robson


How can desert windFeed such magenta tremorInto parched thistle thorn? Like dervish skirts freethe tissue thin hearts float shameless crimson, white and sin free Tangled , tri-colored tight, tongues of fire, spilled like a magdalene’s hair over alabaster walls ~ Maria Robson Maria Robson is a Montreal teacher, freelance writer and translator who loves to […]

The Nameless Tune

Awoke with a tune in my head —A few bars, ribbons blue,floating loose over the bed. A febrile logic tries and tries againto place it. What is it ? What name?A movie score – that Mozart bit from Out of Africa?An echo from Grieg’s Norse cave?Straining, impatient, I link upto other snatched notes.It’s no use. […]

Cynical Vows

The rings, blessed, are forced, over knuckles. And worn everywhere, finger, ankle, neck and toe. A halo dusted by the wing of Gabriel The aura, aurora, badge of fidelity Or should that read feudality? An endless love clasped in gold The vows exchanged before the real estate is known. ~ Maria Robson Maria Robson is […]

That Which Must Go

“Open the door to that which must go, for the loss becomes unseemly when obstructed.” R.Tagore (Fireflies) What must go? And go pronto? Well, for starters That Doubt that trills on the willow branch, so alluring, outside your window, on a clear spring day. It sings its acid song so sweetly, you nearly sing along. […]

Potter’s Hands

Fingers open like fronds in a child’s garden where fireflies play in ancient trees From air to earth they dig and raise back to sky clods moist, waiting to form Kneading clumps of clay, like bread, shapes moist with longings, hurts and sunlight A foot upon the time worn wheel… until The amorphous vessel forms […]