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Homeless (at Beauvais Lake)

At last two cougars are laid out on the hood of the ranger’s truck, two cougars, lifeless in the kerosene light, but it’s only a matter of time until the drug wears off. Campers gather in the shadows, children who should be peeling the crisp skins off marshmallows feast instead on the rare sight of […]

Damsel Flies

(at Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary in Red Deer) I once saw a pond covered with damsel flies, the Boreal Bluet, thousands of them packed so closely together the surface of the water was a shimmering sapphire under the reeling sun. It was quiet in the forest except for the cascading notes of a Sora Rail. The […]

November in the Wilderness Park

We walked in the wilderness park on a warm November afternoon and you said “You can see why poets compare these hills to the body of a woman.” And I could. I could see the soft textures and flesh toned curves, the shadowed folds harbouring life– the large eared mule deer, watchful and curious. We […]