OUR CATEGORY : Mary Ann Mulhern

Saraya- A Stoning, 1986

my husband accuses me of adultery I have one hour to prepare Aunt Marra weeps as she fastens my wedding dress slender fit of fidelity they lead me to a pit bury me to the waist under God’s law my husband has the right to first blood he takes an eye the other men watch […]

swimming the witch

feet and hands boundwith ropeI stand beforedeep watera liquid ghostripples of fear should I prayto sinkinto this airless pitslow swallow of deathproof of innocence or let my skirtfan into a floatin the graspof an angel’s handbetrayal of breatheven for one moment condemns me to fire skin scalded redpeeled from bonemy bodya bright reflectionsuspended ~ Mary […]

witness in the dark

my grandfather’s face sinks into red hollows he snarls I’m a liar makes me wash in the clawfoot tub drives my back to St. Ursula’s leaves me with Father Sylvestre to confess statues of saints watch from pedestals witness what happens so does the Madonna she must hear my cries yet when I look up […]