OUR CATEGORY : Melodie Corrigall

Universal Summer Blue

tires bumping and dust rising we rattle past fields of unkind soil along a dirt-forgotten road the ethereal sky sings out its universal summer blue and rolling hills (which I, in ignorance, call mountains) bid us round the bend a lopsided road sign bears witness to Dunsville, Pop. 207, where a string of injured houses […]

Dreams Lost

Once pots of earth carried miles in strawberry baskets “and Susan shall have a new hat.” Now streets deserted beyond life, windows carelessly nailed shut. Abandoned flowers bleed across broken sidewalks. A squeaking screen door gapes open in the ghostly wind, then suffers shut. A childless swing moves to remembered life. Thus is the town […]

Ninety Years Young

I am classified senior. Here there are no elder statesmen, only the rich become elders. The poor become merely old. Fodder for special housing. On occasions they remark my attendance. Once I was part of the GNP, now I am congratulated for surviving. They ask my age impudently as they ask a child. We are […]