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Dirty Weather: for Calgary

I. Winter is a toddler here, a fit a minute. We remind ourselves, it’ll be done soon. Winter holds it breath, throws snirt while downtown carries on its palpitations. II. I remember peonies, balled pink fists outside town hall meetings. Builders stretched city limits. Those diggers ran like crawling ants up the stalk, to coax […]

On the 24th anniversary of losing my virginity

I remember the cold floor of your mother’s basement the itch of a wool couch, but only for a moment before the present takes my hand, brings me back to bills to be paid, the dog to be walked, Valentines to be purchased for a daughter’s grade four class, with all its budding romance and […]

Oh, by the way

it doesn’t matter that you were on my mind this morning before I fully awoke dream still alive in filmy dark. I could see your eyes, eyes that I could once tell the time by. You said you wasted too much of your time when we were young partying with me. A few months after […]

Asking Dita Von Teese to Drumheller

Oh, Dita, I want to wrangle you all the way to the Royal Tyrell and have you slink peep-toed between phalanges. Your hair would be so very, very under these exhibition lights! Oh, T-Rex, if you see her, won’t you hook your incisor into the eyelet of her corset and tug skeleton tight? Dita, we’ll […]