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How many instruments can we make from this old boot? At the end of the day a road is still a road and we are still writers carving pieces of tar to help us remember. But this place is the difference between junkyard and museum. They used to tie the laces of visitors hang their […]

Trail Blazer

when there is so much sky you can’t imagine a difference shrubs racing alongside bug speckled panes and so many clouds across the vast flatness of soil ~ Nicole Pakan Nicole Pakan is an active member of the Edmonton literary community, performing and organizing events around the city. She is the Co-Editor for the international […]

4 Days

4 days is a long time. Long enough to forget how to breathe frozen air, the slippery way we have to glide to one another. Vanishing vocals becoming sacrificial caterpillar ‘O’s that swagger. 4 days is long enough to become obsessed with foreign architecture. Manicured Hollywood fantasies voyaging upwind on rust-born ships across neon pavement […]

The Sand Remembers

: your footprints your careful swagger how you worried about your protruding hip bones the way you rattled in your frame. We are here again and somehow there is time for dawdling for kicking stone after stone into the curling waves. You collected bottle caps surfacing them with nimble toes and with a quick toss […]