OUR CATEGORY : Pierrette Requier


The complicated simplicity of sipping from a woman’s love… ~ Michelle Labossière Brandt This same complicated simplicity I offered my men their beaking otherwise their sipping elsewhere the acute sting of betrayal how after the days slipped sideways throat wanted to clasp closed and in my sorrow broke a flash. Hummingbirds beat their wings 820 […]

You Never Know/On ne sait jamais

1. Travelling/Le voyage Travelling has always beenune horreur pour moiEven when I was a little girla tummy ache would gnaw at mepour la durée de la traversée from Guernsey to Jersey. Imagine with my fear of water going off to the New World.I was just 22 when we set out in 1912,didn’t know a thing […]

Autumn Dawn

At her leisure Sheopens the curtainswalks out onto her balconyinvites youto have a look.Slowly She risesgracefullyhushes you incharms you.The wind’s rush liftsher summer nightgownover her headslips her sun burnished armsout of slim shoulder strapsand the grace of its fallingleaves you dizzy.That’s when Shegathers you upwhirls you like a dervishin all that lavishness—holds you to herselfdances […]

The Angel of Simon

Simon is a tinystriped orange fire streaking throughthe flat. He shakes and topples house plants,defies gravity as he leaps at homemade paper bows, climbs to the tops of screens in a flash! Simon hunts— chases gum wrappers,ambushes extension cords, breaks a lampshade. After the scolding hefizzles out, falls asleep splayed in the middle of the […]

Mount Edith Cavell Suite

1 Ice Age rolls in hard-hatted driving a bulldozer, provokes rock-slides as She rams, dislodges, scoops up and deposits at whim huge stone chunks, shakes and shoves boulder-sized pieces of mountain. 2 She the mighty frozen one flies high spans ridges forty meters deep, wears Angel wings. From engorged tips thunders down avalanches as her […]